So what is life

So what is life...That is a question that people do ask to themselves to everybody .it is a precarious one where no one can understand where it leading us to. Unpredictable scenarios will help one to determine who they are. Unprecedentedly, things will definitely alter one's life. We do not really understand until we get into a spot where things are not going where it is supposed to be going. The ulterior motive behind this journey is very difficult to find out because it is tricky. We do sometimes things that this is what you wanted in your life then later you will get a realization that this is not what really and so badly you needed in your life. Why is it taking a lifetime to ponder over what you really needed in your life? What is this apprehensive question all about?. Why can’t people find their way? Why is it only about finding your way through trials and tribulations?
Answers should be found out soon. Finding answers from life is more like opening a Pandora’s box, then one will realize the beauty of living their life the fullest. Everyone has their own story to look on to. Each one has it written differently. However, they all need to comprehend that everyone has a story to tell to themselves and of course to others as well. Living life like a gypsy is sometimes difficult and at the same time, it is so much fun. Funniest part comes when you could wander over, do whatever you need in your life, nobody is there to question you. On the other hand, the latter part comes with the outcome of adjusting to new places, feeling of separation, loss of sense of belonging and sometimes a tittle of loneliness to make everything fuller.
How do things fall into the right place? yes, people would say when the right time comes things will just fall into places and for that, you need to wait just like waiting for Godot who never shows up. nobody knows whether their waiting is worthfor or not. Moreover, waiting gives hope to one's life it also adds colors to everybody’s life no matter what the reason is all about. Uncertainty will bring both confusion and excitement simultaneously. sometimes people would not be aware of the innate abilities that they are holding on to. Epiphany of such abilities will make you laugh at the same time enjoy your life the fullest. It just gives one a room of merriment to dance around the things that they don’t have to hold upon.
The idea of escaping to a new world will help you understand who you really are sometimes and for that, you need to take a walk to the imaginary world where you will be having more like a utopian world wherein everything is so ideal and a right place for your existence as well. As a matter of fact, this escapism is not an apt solution to cling on to either because it will not help you to find remarks for the actions that you might have done in the real life. This is just a momentary action to forget about the real things that you are currently dealing with your life.